Sagging roof, missing, damaged, or deteriorated shingles, or holes in the roof? Check the eaves, fascia, and soffit for missing, damaged or rotten boards.
Walls with rotted wood? Broken, loose, or missing siding? Cracks or holes in walls? Cracks in mortar?
Walls with cracked, blistered, or peeling paint?
Gutters that sag, leak, have sections missing, disconnected, or are rusty and in need of painting/caulking?
Windows that have rotted frames, have cracked, blistered, or peeling paint on the frame and trim?
Doors that have rotted wood, cracked, blistered, or peeling paint, or do not open and close properly?
Porches with missing boards, railings or torn screens? Porches that have deteriorated columns or are otherwise not supported properly, that sag excessively, or have cracked, blistered, or peeling paint?
Walls with rotted wood, broken, loose or missing siding, cracks or holes in stucco, cracks in mortar, or cracked, blistered, or peeling paint?
Stairs to porches that sag or are unstable, have missing steps or sections, loose or missing handrails? If you have to walk up at least four steps to reach the porch, you need a handrail. Stairs with cracked, blistered, or peeling paint?
Garages, sheds, or other detached buildings that lean or have any of the conditions listed above?
Fences and retaining walls that lean, have parts missing, are loose or unstable, need stain/paint, or have cracks that need repairing?
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